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Matt Cutts says not to guest blogging.

Matt Cutts is pissed off again, and this time it is Guest Blogging he’s after!

28 Jan , 2014,
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Are you into guest blogging? Here comes the sad news for you!

Matt Cutts- Guest Blogging

On January 20th, Matt Cutts (in his blog) warned bloggers from the world over to stop blogging for back links! He believes it has gotten nothing but spammy.

Guest blogging in recent times has emerged as a dependable technique for webmasters to get both recognition and traffic. This is why when Matt posted that blog; it came as a shock for all those who are doing it authentically.  

Talking more about it he said guest posting cannot be taken as authentic SEO technique. (Honestly, I wonder why not, but I am nobody he’d listen to, huh!)

Furthermore, he added that it’s reached the point where people are hawking “guest post outsourcing” and writing about “how to automate guest blogging”. Well, that’s indeed wrong!

Then at last, not to completely shatter webmaster’s hope in marketing, he said that spammy guest blogging is over, but you can still do it for some good reasons such as exposure, branding, community, etc.

 Please share your views on this in the comment section.

  • Emma Williams

    Guest Blogging according to me is the most qualitative technique of link building. Through it people actually come forward and share content that is helpful for others. I don’t get what went wrong with the Google guys and what made them hate it so much. Huh!